Tuesday 30 October 2012

How did I use FinQuiz Curriculum Notes?

Particularly I am writing this in response to a recent comment on a post previously published. I used FinQuiz notes as an alternate to the CFAI text. It helped me in multiple ways as the material was much more organized and consisted of highlighted point in the form of bullets. Moreover the structure was more or less of the CFAI text unlike other notes providers as they focus on LOS in spite of covering the whole area. I was able to revise the syllabus multiple times due to the notes due to their comprehensiveness. Another approach in this regard could be to first go through the CFAI text and then utilize the notes. It could be counter productive. Using primarily the curriculum notes and then approaching CFAI text for the areas which Curriculum Notes fail to provide adequate details could be a productive approach.

Doing CFAI text examples along with chapter end questions is a must. Following a schedule while preparing for CFA Exams is inevitable in passing and I can certainly say FinQuiz curriculum notes provide you with an opportunity to follow a schedule, complete studies in time, be organized, consistent and can revise the syllabus multiple times before the exam.