Tuesday 4 June 2013

Who said time isn't an issue in Level III morning?

Congratulations folks you are normal beings if you were unable to complete your morning exam (level III). You are perfect humans if you have left the last 20 or 30 mins. For geeks who completed their exam in time, well wait for the result if you were able to pass through, consider completing it in time THE BIG REASON!

On a serious note, time has never been an issue in LI, LII or Evening III but it is certainly the biggest constraint in morning session. May be it is so we haven't practiced well or we don't organize ourselves according to the minutes allocated to each question. Sometimes its our 'factory setting' that once we see a question we know more off we keep on writing despite knowing the fact that, and ignoring it, question only requires 2 reasons or 1 reason to support it and the time advised is 3 or 4 mins. We should remain focused on one thing: To allocate each question the mentioned time so that one may complete it in time. If I happen to appear again, which certainly I'm not thinking of right away, I will pay particular attention in completing the exam in time and with desired level of details. It, who must not be named right away, is set in a way to require adequate information, not to check all the info we have got. I can link it with the psychometric stuff which CFAI utilizes while setting questions. Certainly they aren't about knowledge only but also about skills.

I may be not confident this time that i'll pass but considering my experience I am quite sure that the next time, if unfortunately I appear, I'll nail it.

Sunday 2 June 2013

After the exam...

Ok we can't speak about the contents of the exam... But yea.. we can share our feelings. It was one hell of a day. Certainly I'm feeling quite low as the morning session had a lot of questions and they all required some input unlike mcqs on which you are 33% sure but in structured writing... you dont know much about what you are writing as its more of a subjective stuff. Even after the evening section I wasn't having the same feeling which I had last year in June 2012. Fingers crossed lets hope for the best and be ready for appearing again... I hope I'll nail it down but if I couldn't I'm not gonna give up and appear again and again unless I nail it down. Though I am not thinking in that way but if I couldn't, I have identified several areas which I know to give more importance off. But again... hoping to nail it down...