Tuesday 28 May 2013

How my broker account is helping me?

Last month I opened my broker account and started trading in Karachi Stock Exchange. A part from trading what I was able to do was to connect the topics of reading 39, Execution of Portfolio Decisions. Although there is fair detail regarding order types in Level I but the way I am able to understand the importance of market orders, limit orders and the types of markets is really something worthwhile. As the exam approaches and I am revising the whole stuff, while going through reading on Execution of Portfolio Decisions, I did not find that much difficulty which I used to find while initially I was going through the reading. The primary reason which I can spot is access to the stock trading. Right away its just one example but I can assure you there are multiple instances where I really found the trading exposure I got, helping me immensely in making my concepts more clear and enabling me for true understanding of key areas of the Level III curriculum. I, therefore recommend all of you who are the candidates or potential candidates of the CFA program to open your brokerage account and start trading. It will dramatically improve your ability to understand what's actually is going around.

Good Luck for the exam.