Friday 26 July 2013

CFA Level II Curriculum Changes 2013 - 2014

• Ethics, Quantitative Methods, Economics and Corporate Finance are pretty much exactly the same.
• Three of the Financial Reporting and Analysis Readings, “Inter-Corporate Investments”, “Multinational Operations” and “The Lessons we Learned”, have been revised.
• Two new Readings have been added in the Equity section named“Your Strategy Needs a Strategy” and “Industry and Company Analysis"
• One new Reading, “A Primer on Commodity Investing”, has been added to the Alternative Investments Section.
• One Fixed Income Reading, “General Principles of Credit Analysis”, has been deleted. A new Reading, “Credit Analysis Models”, has been introduced.
• One Derivatives Reading, “Credit Derivatives” has been deleted. A new Reading, “Credit Default Swaps”, has been introduced.
• One Portfolio Management Reading, ‘The Theory of Active Portfolio Management’has been d eleted. Two new Readings, ‘Residual Risk and Return: The Information Ratio’ and ‘The Fundamental Law of Active Management’ has been introduced. 

Changes in CFA Level I Curriculum from 2013 to 2014

1. 4 new readings have been incorporated, only Fundamentals of Credit Analysis has been retained in Fixed Income.
2. Derivatives Markets & Instruments has been revised under the Derivatives section.
3. Alternative Investments Reading, Investing in Commodities has been deleted.
4. Remaining areas including Ethics, QM, Economics, FRA, Corporate Finance, Equity, Portfolio are almost the same in 2014..