Monday 30 July 2012

Changes in the CFA Level II Curriculum from 2012 to 2013

  • Readings have been reduced from 64 to 56
  • Employee Compensation, Important FRA reading, has some revisions
  • Economics has been revamped to three readings i.e. Currency Exchange Rate Determination & Forecasting, Economic Growth & Investment Decision, & Economic of Regulation
  • A Note to Asset Valuation, Industry Analysis, & Valuation in Emerging Markets have been deleted in Equity
  • Alternatives first two readings have been replaced with Private Real Estate Investments & Publicly Traded Real Estate Securities
  • Fixed Income reading General Principles of Credit Analysis has been replaced with Fundamental of Credit Analysis
  • Using Derivatives to Enhance Return & Manage Risk has been replaced with Credit Derivatives: An Overview.
  • Two Portfolio Management Readings, A Note on Harry Markowitz’s Market Efficiency and International Asset Pricing, have been deleted.
  • Corporate Finance, Quantitative Methods & Ethics are the same

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