Saturday 29 December 2012

Preparing for Level II - A different perspective

Since I've been preparing for LIII I've realized that there is a reason why Level II is considered to be the most difficult among three. It is because mechanics have been covered in Level II to an extent which can act as bridge to an amazing skill set. A very strong feeling of it developed when I went through Risk Management and Equity of Level III. A paradigm shift is required while studying for LIII. So those who are preparing for LII, I would like to ask them not to study only for passing the exam but to achieve excellence. The technicalities, mechanics, details, practice etc can lead you to something amazing. It all can help you out in making yourself something out of.. something less. Consider it a rare opportunity and do not prepare for the exam just to pass it but to develop yourself up. Go through examples, chapter end questions, exhibits, illustrations to know what's going on. Once you are done with the stuff following this approach, you'll end up passing the exam. The exam is after 6 months. A lot of you would be planning for LII. Start it this way especially the areas which require calculations. It will add greatly to your skill set.

Good Luck.