Monday, 22 August 2011

Tuesday, 26th July 2011.

It is hard to express my feelings which I had on 26th July, 2011. Till 6 p.m.(PST) I couldn't identify whether I was excited or afraid. Usually the whole day I'm busy and how time passes... I don't know but that day seemed like spread over ages! I was repeatedly looking at the clock and observing the needles moving with a constant speed. Although I knew the CFA Institution would email at 6 p.m. but I kept on checking my emails periodically. When the clock struck 6 I immediately took my phone and hit the mail button. It took 30 seconds to connect and fetch out the email list. There it was! an email from the CFA Institution. It was loading and my heart beat was taking up the pace... It was like my heart would pop out of my chest. The 'excitement cum fear' was rising and my eyes were getting wide. What if I fail? What about the efforts which I put in? How I'm going to face my family, my friends and myself...? These were the questions which were bumping into my head. The email opened! I zoomed it up and yes... I had passed! I took a sigh of relief and a chilled wave moved spread across spinal cord. I took my cell phone and rushed towards my mother, gave her a strong hug and broke the news. She hold me tight in her arms. I could sense her happiness and it was amazing. I couldn't realize that I had passed the CFA Level 1 exam. For almost 14 weeks I had put in my best to wait for this winning moment. I had sacrificed my leisure activities, altered my routine, and cut off my sleeping hours to pass out this exam and that was the moment of celebrating the feast. I called my father and informed him that I had passed. I always wanted to make him happy and was terribly missing the glow in his eyes. I could sense that it had returned! I've gone through a lot of events in my life but those 14 weeks in which I experienced the CFA Level I were unprecedented. A glorious era of my life ended on a happy note on 26th July, 2011 when I passed out the exam!


  1. Well... The whole scenario was quite obvious and the main thing is that it ended happily!!! Best of luck for the next levels! Best Wishes!

  2. congratxxx on passing first level bilal :)