Friday, 4 May 2012

1st Mock - 4th June 2012

The purpose of appearing in a mock today, month before the exam, was to better gauge myself for the areas which I require more attention and converged focus. Initially I was scared because I wasn't prepared up to the mark but considering the objective of the test I decided to take it as a challenge and put in my best. During those hours I was in a state of dilemma. Compared to Level I certain areas were lightly touched which was pretty helping but that affected adversely in a way that the likelihood of performing well reduced 50%. As in Level I there were 240 questions and in Level II they are 120. Only 1 item set of Ethics in the morning section was indeed encouraging but scoring 5 out of 6 would yield above 70% marks. This was particularly which I lacked in. I mean I did score 62% marks overall which are really encouraging for someone who has 1 month to go and could revise the syllabus multiple times especially when 'equipped' with Curriculum Notes (FinQuiz), as 370 pages and the whole curriculum revised... The thing which I realized heavily today was not getting confident by correcting 3 questions in a row out of 6 in an item set. The rest 3 hold immense importance and being able to correct 5 will certainly yield favourable results. In Equity, FRA, Corporate Finance there is a chance and relatively in these areas the likelihood of correcting most questions is high. A part from that Fixed Income & Ethics also have 2,2 item sets each in both sessions we can score well in them. The rest can be of 1,1 item set. Scoring 4 out of 6 can work well. Any how, to sum up, the experience went well. Precision and Accuracy is required a long with the ability to recall the formulas, concepts timely in the exam. Time wasn't the issue today but doing the question correctly was certainly an issue. The next mock in which I am appearing is 2 weeks ahead. Today's experience has given me a roadmap and have highlighted the areas in which I lack. I hope I'll be able to cope them and perform well in the next mock.

Good Luck!

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