Monday, 4 June 2012

Level II Exam, 3rd June 2012

Finally after several months of 'focused' preparation, the exam went well... As you know under Standard 7A & the Candidate Pledge we aren't allowed to discuss the exam specifically but an opinion regarding general difficulty level can be given. For me the morning session was tough as compared to the evening one. Time wasn't an issue especially in the afternoon part. Ideally 18 minutes per item set are advised but a few took 20 to 25 and a few, I was able to complete in 8 to 10 minutes. As compared to Level I the experience was different in terms of burnout. It was because of the no. of questions as they were 50% less. The areas I was comfortable with enjoyed like nothing else and the areas which I found tricky, I really cursed my self while sitting there.... On the whole it was a good experience in terms of gaining immense knowledge and its application. Over next few days I will be posting about different companies specially applying Reading 27, Integrating Financial Statement Analysis on several companies to keep myself into the stuff.

Am I really scared of failing the exam?
Well Yes! It's a part of life.

Does that mean my all efforts will go in vain?
Certainly Not because of the knowledge & skills I've developed in this one year have paid off!

Will I appear again if I fail?

What are the chances of passing the exam?
Morning Session... 50/50, Evening Session 70/30

Am I excited about the result?
Hell Yea!

Good Luck to all the candidates (including myself) and best wishes for the result..

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