Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Key Terms - Level III

Usually when the word essay is used, the sketch which strikes the mind is more or less related to something detailed or a kind of a vignette. As per my understanding, so far, the morning section of Level III demands, to a considerable extent, the structured response which may comprise of terminologies which must be remembered. As I am in the initial phases of my preparation and going through fixed income section which has a fancy name in Level III as its associated with portfolio management, I am gradually realizing the importance of remembering they key terms. I mean we could have questions in which our desired response should only be those terms! For majority remembering and cramming the terms in late Feb or in start of March 2013 might be a suitable strategy but considering how I used to prepare in LI and LII - gradually, I think I should try to remember their names and try to connect them with the concepts to get comfortable with them.

Good Luck!

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