Friday 26 July 2013

CFA Level II Curriculum Changes 2013 - 2014

• Ethics, Quantitative Methods, Economics and Corporate Finance are pretty much exactly the same.
• Three of the Financial Reporting and Analysis Readings, “Inter-Corporate Investments”, “Multinational Operations” and “The Lessons we Learned”, have been revised.
• Two new Readings have been added in the Equity section named“Your Strategy Needs a Strategy” and “Industry and Company Analysis"
• One new Reading, “A Primer on Commodity Investing”, has been added to the Alternative Investments Section.
• One Fixed Income Reading, “General Principles of Credit Analysis”, has been deleted. A new Reading, “Credit Analysis Models”, has been introduced.
• One Derivatives Reading, “Credit Derivatives” has been deleted. A new Reading, “Credit Default Swaps”, has been introduced.
• One Portfolio Management Reading, ‘The Theory of Active Portfolio Management’has been d eleted. Two new Readings, ‘Residual Risk and Return: The Information Ratio’ and ‘The Fundamental Law of Active Management’ has been introduced. 

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