Tuesday 4 October 2011

The Charlie Theory

It sounds a kind of funny but if we take it in another way it seems quite productive, at least for me it worked really well! Although it has nothing to do directly with CFA Level II but the theory could really help in understanding the things well.
Way back in 2007 I had this remarkable experience of watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Though I was impressed by the character Willie Wonka, but a lesson which I learnt from the young boy Charlie was unprecedented. In fact now a days my preparations for Level II are going on and Fixed Income will be finished by this week, the strategies which helped me out in maintaining myself in a better position to understand the complexities of Level II include the Charlie Theory. Though its the writer who deserves the credit but as it was adopted by Charlie that is why I'm referring it with his name.
It is a theory with two folds. One is tactical while the other is strategic. The strategic one is quite simple in narrating but very difficult in believing and ultimately sticking onto it! Since Charlie Bucket belonged to a very poor family who had nothing to eat and they were living in a very small house. The thing which altered his life was his belief in himself! He was not only a die hard lover of chocolate but also a firm believer of his dreams. This brings us to a very important lesson for doing great things in life! Always believe in yourself and never loose hope. This exactly is what Charlie did and ultimately became the successor of Willie Wonka, a crazy candy genius! Same could be implied for passing out the CFA Level II exam; what we require is a solid determination and a strong belief. Nothing is impossible in this world what we need to do is just converge our energies in understanding the topics and making ourselves excellent. Success is not only a relative term but it is also beyond our scope. What in our scope is the effort and belief in ourselves. Nothing in this world can stop us from achieving our aims and meeting our destination!
The other part of the theory is more of a tactical approach. As mentioned earlier, Charlie Bucket belonged to a very poor family and his father, the only earning hand in their family, lost his job due to automation. Things became so worst that they were left with nothing to eat! Charlie was in his growing age and required more food intake, when saw the situation ended up being efficient. He started walking to school in a speed which could conserve his energies. During the recess time he stopped playing withe children, avoided running, started to remain silent and hence everything which he could do to save his energies so that his food requirements must cohere with the available intake. Doing the same can dramatically help us in achieving our desired goals. We require loads of energies to understand the tricky concepts of Level II. There is so much to understand that our energy level must remain at sufficient level to cope up with the in-depth concepts. Applying the 2nd fold of Charlie Theory can help us in enhancing our focus. If we start neglecting the community of pessimistic people, keep ourselves away from disappointing news items, do not waste time in activities which require too much attention, I'm sure our efficiency can increase to the optimum level. Doing CFA is more like adopting a lifestyle. I believe if we espouse the Charlie Theory we can pull this off and pass this Level in this attempt.

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