Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Revision - FRA

FRA is a major area in Level II. I have started to review it from yesterday and I have planned to cover 2 readings a day. This is the time for me to go through the chapter end questions. I am not reading from the CFAI text rather using my Curriculum Notes (FinQuiz) to go through the stuff. Revision has become pretty easy as only a few pages to read with all important points written in bullets and chapter end questions to test myself up. I will be giving the whole week to FRA and will create a test on Sunday and solve it to check my standings. Study Session 6 is tough and I am going to start it from tomorrow. Planning to give 1 day to each reading and complete it in 3 days. A lot of stuff to retain in this study session but this is the time to do it. In May I would be revising it for the mock but will be extensively practising it now to make myself comfortable with it. After this study area I would be comfortable with Equity and FRA. Three more study areas to go namely Ethics, Economics and Corporate Finance. I believe scoring above 70 in these will have significant impact on the final result. Fixed Income and Derivatives can also aid in passing the exam after these. I will be revising both of them in first week of May. Do share your plans for these months.

Good Luck

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