Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Revision Plan

Initially I had thought of not making a detailed coordinated plan and just start of with areas and decide about the next one after completing the previous one. Intention behind choosing this path was not to put in a lot of energy in planning rather focusing more on actually revising the course. And it went disastrous! Anyhow I have now divided the subjects into two categories. 1. Those which require hard work i.e. immense effort and 2. Those which have either already been practised by my several times like Equity, Fixed Income and Derivatives, or are not more in weight-age like Quantitative Methods. I am simultaneously taking both these categories so that I may not sound less productive by going through two areas simultaneously which are easy or do not freak out by taking two areas which are hard for me. For light areas I am giving 5 days per area and for hard ones I am covering them in 8 days each. Effectively I will be able to go through all the areas by 20th May once and after that in 10 days I will try my best to practice by giving 3 mocks and chapter end questions and revising my weak points. A similar kind of strategy worked for me in Level I and my fingers are crossed this time. Do share if you are working with any strategy of revising and covering the whole stuff.

Good Luck for your exam!

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