Thursday, 5 July 2012

Financial Modelling

In these days last year I had taken 3 days workshop on financial modelling. Together with our instructor and according to his instructions we made model and valued Colgate. Although the assumptions used in the model were of consensus analysts but building the model itself was an interesting and learning experience. Preliminary knowledge of using Microsoft Excel was a pre-requisite but the most important task was to collect the information from Financial Statements and to deal with non-recurring items in projecting. The workshop was based on making pro forma financial statements, doing DCF and scenario analysis. By plugging in the values we concluded the valued Colgate and guess what it was more or less similar to the actual market value of the data provided. A lot of terms were new to me when I had taken the workshop but after when I have appeared in Level II exam, I feel allegiance to the terminologies and towards my treatment of the financial statements. Those who can have access to such workshops must go for one and try to build a model themselves. It is very important in making the skill set capable to compete in this age.

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