Thursday, 2 August 2012

Practising through Application

Someone close to me told me that learning through application of CFA knowledge from the real world can help in better understanding of the topics. Initially I didn't realize its importance but after watching myself during the exam connecting topics with news headlines and other bloomberg articles, I can understand its significance. The first three readings of fixed income require understanding and a bit more practice but the last three readings require in depth understanding of MBS, ABS and their valuation. Retaining tranching, CDOs, CMOs, their structures etc. is a tough job. Reading about these instruments more over the internet especially articles and news related to these helps in connecting the topics with the real world happenings. It improves the ability to retain and recall. It worked for me remarkable trying that can also help you...

PS: I have also mentioned several news items related to Fixed Income and Derivatives over this blog. You can check them through the labels.

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