Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Broader Picture vs Details

Throughout my preparation for Level II, I was of the impression that it is totally different than Level I in terms of understanding, depth and testing. After going through the exam I realized LII is different in terms of understanding and depth but in a lot of areas I had found the testing to be more or less on the same path. I don't know how true I am in exclaiming this but this is exactly my impression. Understanding the broader picture is undoubtedly necessary but it is also deceiving in terms of exams point of view. For instance I spent a lot of time in understanding and solving fairly detailed examples forgetting that an MCQ has three options and we have around 3 minutes to solve it. Steps which are involved in broader applications need to be understand fairly and can be tested in the exam. Like in translating the whole Financial Statements in Multi National Operations using Temporal or All current method several steps were involved. Considering the examples provided in the chapter I went through the whole process but lately I realized that the whole situation is less likely to be tested as compared to individual steps like how to translate revenues, COGS etc. or how using one method is different that other in terms of ratio analysis and so on. Trying to grasp the whole topic may lead one, as what happened with me initially, not to remember and recall individual steps which have the potential to be tested. I am not stating to let go off the broader picture and cram the steps but understanding as well as making ourselves comfortable with details is important. Thanks to curriculum notes I used, had separated the details and highlighted them in boxes which could be digested easily. Precisely talking about the exam it is very important to stay focused on details and steps which could be tested along with proper understanding of the topics particularly in all major areas.

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