Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Getting Enrolled

Let me recall when I had seriously started studying for Level II? This year January I guess... but I was supposed to start in September last year? Of course I did but the element of seriousness was missing! What happened in Jan that made me 'serious'.... well I got enrolled for Level II program in Jan! Does it have any connection? Hell Yeah! For me it is the only connection so far...

Theoretically, according to the schedule which finquiz guys provided me, I should have done by fixed income and equity by now and start with alternative investments but I am way behind the theory. As I have got enrolled in the exam and my books are in the process of being shipped, based upon the analogy I drew, I think I'll start studying now. Particularly it is important in this case as I am not preparing from Schweser, but using the curriculum notes and the CFAI text, for examples and chapter end questions. I would say those who are planning to appear in 2013 and have started their preparations for level III they should get enrolled and not wait for the deadline to come close as CFAI text is necessary for preparations, I think, & biology of belief that since enrolment is done lets start preparing... that inner drive is necessary. It works for me really well.  

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