Sunday, 25 November 2012

What I was doing in last week before Level I exam?

The perspective is entirely different for those who are appearing first time compared to those who are re taking the exam. Since I appeared only once in the LI exam, the feelings which I had were a mixture of somewhat fear and curiosity. Though I had overcome my fear to a reasonable extent by giving CFAI, Schweser and Finquiz mocks but the curiosity to know the actual exam's difficulty level and the experience of having it was residing. The CFAI text EOC questions were my target in the last week along with going through chapter end summaries from the curriculum. I had already gone through the schweser volumes thrice, once before each mock I gave and the smart summaries provided by finquiz were of great help to me in those 6 days. The confidence which revising gave me was immense and that really made the difference. Candidates should go through end of chapter questions a long with chapter end summaries of the curriculum now and if possible try purchasing the smart summaries of finquiz in order to go through the whole syllabus before the exam. Schweser Secret sauce can also serve the cause and make the difference. If you are planning to go through mocks in these days then try solving them in a 'simulated exam environment' by solving the whole morning section then taking a two hours break and then going through the afternoon session. Level I isn't only about knowing the stuff but also about retaining and recalling it in the exam. Stamina along with accuracy and effectiveness counts and 90 seconds are there for one MCQ.

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