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Financial Analyst Job Description

An extract from the article by Ujwal Deshmukh describing the job description of a financial analyst. For complete article please visit the link provided at the bottom. Note that the opinion expressed in the article is not endorsed by any authority.

Job Description of a Financial Analyst
Apart from the aforementioned duties, there are many other responsibilities that are included in the job description of financial analysts. Some of them are mentioned below. The core job of any financial analyst involves:
  • General analysis of finance reports obtained from various departments such as sales, marketing, purchase, production, communication, etc.
  • Preparing reports on their research and making important suggestions on investments for companies as well as individuals
  • Determining, planning and foreseeing marketing activities
  • Developing new and effective techniques for financial planning, thereby rendering better service to clients
  • Reading financial statements of the organization and taking into consideration the sales, expenses and production cost to recommend investments and forecast future earnings of the organization
  • Keeping a tab on the latest trends and techniques in the field of financial analysis
  • Coordinating with higher management officials of their own as well as other departments, to report the progress and changes, if any
  • Assessing other company's performance, to decide and advice the best company to invest in
  • Handling audits and working for client information support services
  • Hard-core analysis, fact verification, study and research (junior financial analyst job description)
  • Planning and decision-making on financial analysis (senior financial analyst job description)
  • Making use of spreadsheets and different statistical software to analyze the facts of their report.
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