Friday, 30 December 2011

Important tips after completing 1st Reading.

The first thing one should do after his or her initial read of the material is take at least three, three hour practice exams, grade the exams, and analyize his or her weaknesses. This is key because it will allow you to formulate an effective gameplan for review. While studying the material I recommend you highlight or mark important concepts and formulas, as well as material that you don't understand. Also, after completing practice problems, mark in the book which problems you got wrong (I marked each with a "W"), and also mark which problems you had a hard time with (I marked each with an "H"). That way when you begin reviewing you will know which problems to review. Also, after reading each chapter I rated the chapter on a scale of 1 to 5; five meaning I fully understand the concepts and will remember the material and one meaning I desperately need to review the chapter. This rating system will help you when constructing your review strategy.

After finishing each book, I would go back and reread the chapters (or parts of chapters) I marked as a "one" (remember that "one" indicates an extreme need for review). You may have the urge not to do this because after finishing an entire book you become eager to move onto the next. Fight this urge and conduct mini reviews after finishing each book. Your mini reviews may take a long time, sometimes 3 or more days, however, they will greatly help drive the concepts into your head.

It is important to note that I read these tips somewhere before I started off my preparation, noted them and followed them after I was done with my first reading. They were quite helpful & this is the sole reason why I have shared them here.

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