Sunday, 1 January 2012

CFA Exam Test taking Important Tips (Continued)

  1. Accept the facts as a given - In other words, you might think the scenario given in the question is far-fetched or even incorrect. No matter - assume it's true, and work from there.
  2. Read Carefully! - in particular, watch for negatives and double-negatives. Make sure you pick up words like "least", "most", etc... In fact, you might want to underline them. I used to make cross on least likely and plus sign on most likely. Sometimes it can be tested like this 'most likely incorrect' or 'least likely correct'.
  3. If you work out of order, make sure you fill in the correct bubbles. If you mess up (even if you catch it later), it could cost you a lot of time to fix.
  4. Read ALL the answer choices - in particular for questions that ask for the "most" or "least" correct. Don't stop at the first seemingly correct one.
  5. Rephrase the question - sometimes there can be complicated phrasing.
  6. Underline the relevant facts
  7. Try to answer the question in your own mind before reading the answer choices & better hide the choices while reading the question with your hand.

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