Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Congratulations Level I Candidates

It was 39% when I had appeared and the joy of realizing ‘being in 39%’ was more as compared to passing the exam! This time it is 38%. I can understand how you would be feeling. Your efforts have made you step one level ahead and now you have the opportunity to learn ample knowledge and develop significant skills while preparing for Level II. 

Those who were not able to pull it off should not loose heart and come up with a new spirit. The question to address is not the level of efforts they had put in but their productivity. If you can’t accept this failure then you don’t reserve the right to appear in the CFA exam ever. This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn from your experience, identify the  loopholes, address them and come up with a new spirit.

Okay 38% this is your day, live to your max but do not forget, Level II is way more in depth as compared to Level I. Does that mean it is difficult? Certainly it is! Is it impossible to do? If it is, then alteast worth trying… Is it enjoyable? Well if you find it enjoyable then your chances to pass may rise…

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