Friday, 9 March 2012

15th April 2012 - Ideal time for completing the syllabus?

Compared to Level I, Level II is not only in depth but also tricky. In 6 hours we had to solve 240 questions in Level I but despite the fact that the time is same for Level II, the questions are one half to what they were in Level I. It clearly implies that the difficulty level is way more. I think 15th April should be the deadline in our minds to complete all areas and start revising them afterwards. There are certain areas which require reinforcement and I think based upon the weight-age, it would be wise to not spend so much time on less weighted areas. In Level I, I was able to get above 70 in all areas but does that mean I need to strive for it again? I don't think so. FRA, Equity, Ethics, Corporate Finance and Fixed Income make considerable part of the exam and we should try to score maximum in these areas. The rest, its better even if we score between 50 to 70 in them. I think if I would be done with the whole readings till 15th April, I would have ample time to revise the major areas multiple times and focus relatively less on the other areas which are not important with exam's perspective. What makes me feel this is the right strategy? Well primarily having a talk with several Level III candidates who passed Level II in first attempt and with those who are done with all the three levels. 

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