Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Corning Inc. (GLW)

Corning Inc. originated in 1851 in glass business today operates in five segments related to technology.
1. Display Technologies
2. Telecommunications
3. Environmental Technologies
4. Speciality Materials
5. Life Sciences

The following graph represents the revenue distribution of 5 operating segments.

As evident from the graph 40% of the sales of 2011 of Corning Inc. are from Display Technologies. The company creates several displays including active matrix LCDs, Environmental technologies like Gorilla Glass which has damage, toughness and scratch resistance. We know that these display technologies and other environment technologies are extensively used in Tablet PCs, Smart Phones, etc. Apple is going to launch iPad 3 with several new features. Samsung has announced Galaxy Beam. Microsoft is heading towards Windows 8 which would also be available in mobile version. Nokia is also struggling in Smart Phones too. Sony Ericsson has become Sony and they have increased their product line of Smart Phones and Touch pads. All these developments require fancy technology and the suppliers of these technologies like Corning in case of Gorilla Glass displays may grow reasonably due to the industry shaping up as a whole. I don't know what exactly will happen to such companies and how these developments will capture into their stocks but I will be digging into these companies and sharing extracts from their financial statements and other news items 

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