Friday, 30 March 2012

At least how many mocks one should give while preparing for the Level II Exam?

As you all know the time is approaching! I guess I don't need to explain what 'time' specifically refers to... Last year I had appeared in 3 mocks but I am a bit confused this year. Level II is way more difficult as compared to Level I which implies that mocks should be at least three of more. Another aspect is that based upon the length of the material, I was able to repeat the material in one week before appearing into the level I exam effectively revising it 3 times in a row. This is literally impossible for me right now! So appearing in mocks without going through the whole readings would seem meaningless to me. Considering this aspect, appearing in 2 mocks seems a wise step as in 15 days I think I can go through the whole syllabus once. In a nutshell I am confused! Try helping me out and answer the poll by choosing an appropriate choice based upon your understanding!

Your support in this regard would be highly appreciated and can help a lot of candidates.

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