Friday, 2 March 2012

Opinion Polls - Helping in Decision Making

Guys the polls I have been posting over my blog have been helpful in two ways. 

1. They give me an idea about something. For instance the recent poll in which I had asked whether level II is the most difficult in all three levels and the results have generated in me an inner drive to put in more efforts. 

2. They are helpful for others. 

You see time is running short and importance of every single day passing on cannot be neglected. So far I have been doing the chapter end questions of the curriculum but they require a lot of time and energy. I had tried Schweser Q-bank in Level I but I haven't used it yet in Level II. I am confused whether practising from there would be productive for me or not? I am putting a poll whether practising from Shweser Q-bank is helpful? Those who have tried it please participate and give your feedback and those who have not tried it can choose the third option "I haven't tried it". Your input would help a lot. 


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