Sunday, 11 March 2012

Test - Equity Investment

Aiming something along with identifying a time frame to complete that objective is way more productive than aiming on stand alone basis. Last week I was done with Equity Investments. I had to appear in a test comprising whole equity portion today, 11th March. As I had a target defined, I planned and organized my studies and was able to revise all the readings in one week. Today I appeared in the test and I was able to score 75% marks. Although my aim was to correct on average 5 MCQs in a Vignette, which I did achieve but only 1 item set in which due to lack of stamina, I got 5 of the answers wrong! It ruined my average. Still the result is encouraging as 95% of my calculation part is correct. As I'm feeling comfortable with the calculation part, the theory part especially Porter's 5 forces, Industrial Analysis and other relations discussed in Multiples and Private equity valuation, can now be focused by me while doing revision. As you all know that Equity and FRA are major areas of Level II. Once I'm done with the syllabus, I need to revise these areas almost on daily basis so that I could retain the concepts. Calculations can only be mastered through practice and based upon today's performance I'm experiencing myself one step ahead in my preparation specifically considering the calculation part. I believe you should also plan your tests to learn critical concepts through practice. For instance today I learned that cost of equity and required rate of return if are not equal then while calculating PVGO we'll use required rate of return not cost of equity. In this way learning through practice and making yourself comfortable with calculation part is very important which can be done through tests. This was my experience. In my last test of equity I had secured 60% marks and today I have crossed 70. It will motivate me further and help me overcome the burnout which I've started to experience to some extent. These months hold immense importance and we need to make them productive! Good luck.

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