Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunday is Funday

Before staring Level II, I had searched over the internet and came across the experience of students who had appeared in this exam. A common thing which I found in them was the burnout factor. Although the no. of students was not considerably high yet I had to believe in them as I had no other choice! They told me that burnout is something which happens especially for those who have passed Level in June and they start preparing in September/October. Interestingly they used to feel the burnout in the months of March and April. The point is how I am able to recall this. Well to put it straight...I am having a burnout!. I mean its been 6 months almost, I have been going through the readings, practice questions, examples and again readings.... The next 2 months are very critical for me and for other candidates to utilize well so that we all could perform to our optimum level. The question is what I have to do now? I have been lucky that I was able to talk and share my problem to a CFA Level III qualified student whose charter is pending. He told me that never study continuously and always take a break! At least there should be 1 day in a week when I should be doing rest and enjoying. I don't know why I liked his idea and today was the day when I applied it. Believe it or not, I am loving it... The whole day I did not read a single letter and have not allowed the 'exam charisma' to 'cherish' my mind. I have watched a couple of seasons' episodes, played the piano, and did a few other things which I used to do before enrolling myself for Level II.... Now when I am writing this post, I feel like having a fresh start from tomorrow. To cut it short, I am going to use my Sundays now onwards, except for 3rd June, as Fundays... Should you people try this thing? Well I don't know but if you do, do share your experience...

Good Luck


  1. I was experiencing a similar feeling last Sunday as well. All the stress, the work, the formulas, the concepts, the realization that there are only a few months until the test. EVERYTHING was weighing on my mind. Until finally Sunday I finally burned out.
    I tried to work problems, I tried to read, I tried to motivate myself to keep going. I tried, I tried, I tried. Nothing worked. I went to the gym hoping to work off some frustration only to come back to the same thing.
    Then I stumbled across your blog. And you were experiencing the same thing. You encouraged me to take Sunday night off and all day yesterday. I woke up this morning more motivated than ever and ready to get back to work.
    I wanted to come back and thank you for sharing your experience. Best of luck to you on the the second level.

  2. I know I should but I can't. I can say that i am not burned out so I guess that's a good thing. Lots of people tell me that I am smart and should have no problem passing. They are wrong. They don't know that I have to work harder because I am not as smart as some.