Monday, 20 February 2012

Appearing in a Test - Q&A with Myself!

Let me ask myself some questions and then answer them accordingly.

1. What areas were tested?
Corporate Finance & 1st 6 readings of Equity
2. How much time was allowed?
2 hour and 10 minutes
3. Was time an issue?
Well no, I was able to easily complete in 1 hour and 50 minutes
4. Was the test difficult?
Not that much but it seemed tricky in some parts. On Avg. 3-4 questions in 1 item set were easy and 2-3 were difficult & tricky.
5. How much did you score?
In Corporate Finance I got above 70% and in Equity I got 60%
6. Why you were not able to score above 70 in Equity?
Well I had only given one reading to the material plus the test was lengthy and I gave it at night. My energy level was not that much while solving Equity part as I did Corporate Finance 1st.
7. Is maintaining the energy level required?
Definitely YES! I mean it is the most important thing.
8. How do you classify your mistakes?
A few are silly and some are related to tricks. The silly ones are probably due to freaking out in the last moments.
9. How the test would make you prepare better?
It has given me confidence that if after first reading I can secure 60% marks in Equity it means that before the exam when I would have repeated the weak areas multiple times, I would be in a much better position and that confidence can help me perform better in the exam.
10. What is the major learning through the test?
Maintain the energy level and be careful in reading the question with concentration to eliminate blunders. 
11. What you are going to do with the weak areas?
I am going refer them to the study material, read from there and review the areas so that I may not commit those mistakes again. 

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