Thursday, 2 February 2012

Some important numbers related to Facebook

The company says that the debut would be the largest, generating $5bn in the offering, since Google. 85% of the revenues come through advertisement and 12% of the revenues came through transaction fee from Zynga, a social gaming platform which is known for Farmville and other games. The remainder comes from transactions fees for sales in other games and digital goods like movies and music.

As of 31st December 2011, Facebook had 845m monthly active users which were around 39% above than the previous year. Daily active users are at 483m. The revenues have increased 88% from 2010 and the net income rose 65% from $606m in 2010 to $1bn in 2011.

Apparently no tangible assets yet some inspiring numbers. What should we call it a miracle of Technology or Evolution?

Some important numbers
Cash on hand$3.9bn
% of revenue from advertising85%
Zuckerberg bonus first half 2011$220,500
Mobile users425m
Source: Financial Times

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