Saturday, 25 February 2012

Remembering the Formulae.

In Level I, I used to re-read the material in order to remember the formulas. Used mnemonics in case of Ethics and other areas so that I could remember important key terms and other relations. This thing is not working that well in Level II probably due to immensely excessive material as compared to Level I. I heard some one saying that he used to remember the formulas by taking a snapshot of them in his mind and then recalling that picture again and again to not forget. I have tried this and it has helped me a bit but the thing which I did only once was reading, remembering and re-writing the formulae again and again to make myself comfortable with them, which proved productive. For Free Cash Flow valuations and arriving at FCFF or FCFE starting from NI, EBIDTA, EBIT, or CFO, plenty of formulae are involved which need to be remembered. I am going to try remembering them all through re-writing them. I hope it will be productive. You should also try this....

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