Thursday, 16 February 2012

Has Studying Position anything to do with Concentration?

I don't exactly know whether position matters in studying or not but today I experienced a different thing. My favourite place to study is my bed. As winters are going across this region, studying in a cosy bed is mind blowing. Sometimes I switch to a more 'formal' position and sit on the study table and keep going. Today out of no where I decided to stand still and place the book on a table, more like a dais, and continue the chapter Industrial Analysis. While reading the chapter in a 'new position' I was mesmerized to experience my level of concentration. Normally I study in chunks of 20 mins with going through every line, giving a pause and trying to figure out whether its making sense or not but today I was able to continue this process for 35 minutes and with more focused energies and productivity. I might be unfair in connecting the effect immediately with this cause but this is something which I am definitely gonna try again to figure out. Though while preparing for Level II especially when few months are left before the exam, it would not be wise to search for this phenomenon over the internet and 'explore' the connection between level of concentration and the studying position but I can opt for trying it again and again for next few days to gauge my concentration level. For me its not only exciting but like a positive progress that in next few days I might experience advancement in my learning capability and I hope it would have direct implications on my efficiency and effectiveness. Do try this and share your experience. 


  1. I may try it next week. Good idea:)

  2. I often try to switch between my bed, office chair and recliner chair. But I too experience better learning when standing and on my bed. I am guessing that when we are on our bed we tend to be relax certain muscles.