Saturday, 4 February 2012

Healthcare Sector - Statistics

Description Market Cap.P/EROE %Div. Yield %Long-Term Debt to EquityPrice to BVNP Margin  %
Sector: Healthcare51058.4B20.26163.7469.9917.9916
Diagnostic Substances12.0B179.62.53.5436.574.992.7
Drug Delivery69.4B000.3686.31-9.05-1.2
Drug Manufacturers - Major45511.9B17.215.84.0272.1719.8916.7
Drug Manufacturers - Other191.8B28.913.41253.5617.8514.1
Drug Related Products22.2B36.514.90.775813.959.5
Drugs - Generic853.3B50.17.60.1350.97-226
Health Care Plans180.1B11.817.21.2261.8310.084.5
Home Health Care4.9B24.1122.2271.65-11.15.7
Long-Term Care Facilities9.3B63.72.40.88206.774.050.9
Medical Appliances & Equipment898.4B16.314.11.6132.456.0613.7
Medical Instruments & Supplies322.2B24.113.51.6342.3416.8813.6
Medical Laboratories & Research131.9B202.81.50.8178.05-9.450.8
Medical Practitioners3.3B7.612.76.0445.085.594.3
Specialized Health Services19.8B17.317.61.94121.04-109.4

The data is a 2 days older but the proportion of Biotechnology Industry in the Healthcare sector in US is 2nd after Major drug manufacturers. P/E of Medical Laboratories & Research is ten times more than the sector but the net profit margin is only 0.8%. Apparently the reasons are not coming into my mind but I have found the statistics interesting especially when looked together. 

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