Friday, 24 February 2012

Problem Solving vs Auditing - An important aspect which can add value.

There is considerable difference between solving the problems and auditing them. Usually when I am looking at the examples of curriculum, after reading the statement I immediately look at the solution to check the answer and pamper myself that how simple and logical is the answer, obviously this is the way it should be done. Does that really serve my cause? The answer is clearly NO. I don't know what exactly you guys would be doing but for sure if you are doing Equity, FSA, Corporate Finance, Derivatives or any other areas which require calculations and trickiness, I believe the 'justified' behaviour would be to solve those examples and chapter end questions without referring to the answers immediately. Unless the 'brain machinery' utilizes its self on the problem and figuring out its correct answer, the purpose of learning does not serve! I did this for Derivatives especially in swaps and I am doing this on Reading 39 and 40 (at present) of Equity to make myself comfortable with the concepts. I hope it will help you out. 

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